About the Project

Adult Products, Erotic Magazine, and Sensual Music

Noisy Project is designed to combine, stimulate and enhance the highest pleasure and strongest of emotion, sex, and love. Through the mix of high-end adult products, sensual music, and an erotic blog to satisfy body, mind, and spirit. Our superior collection gives you a defined selection of sensualism, proven to be the finest in their class as they fuel the limits of your erotic imagination.

Founded in recent times, The Noisy Project name was congregated by the noises we make in bed and accentuated by Natasha Burton from the Cosmopolitan who stated, “People who make noises in bed typically have better sex”. It's our mission to continue combining our mix of projects to flawlessly inspire and bring together a culture of free-thinkers and empower the exploration of sensuality.

We believe that sex and love is a beautiful alliance that could be achieved by mutual desire or individual satisfaction. Allow your partner or yourself to deeply connect your senses with an exquisite project. We encourage you to navigate between the components with grace and enhance your next sensual experiences.