Product Warranty

The term available to the consumer or user to exercise this right will be 15 days which will be computed from the date of receipt of the product by the buyer or date of collection of an external agency in our facilities. The expenses generated by the return of the product will be borne by the buyer (Excludes products under warranty) In virtue of the case, the applicant accepts and makes use of the Right of Withdrawal that contemplates the current regulations. 


Prepare the package

Save the complete product, with its original box and accessories, in a sturdy box or in which you received the order.


The product is defective
In which case, it would be a product under warranty.

The guarantee of the products is 2 years for new articles. Although it will depend on the policy of each manufacturer. The guarantee begins to count from the invoice date. We have a non-detectable guarantee stamp with a code assigned to the product that allows us to identify the date of delivery, it must coincide with the information provided by you.


Who pays the shipping costs?
Noisy Project takes care of everything and will pay the return costs if the product arrives defective. Send us the invoice duly identified with your data or the details of the final client, we will send your money back or a new item.


How long does the guarantee take?
Generally, the term to manage the guarantee is between 1 to 5 working days, however, we will always do everything possible to speed up the process.


Do I have to keep the original packaging?
When dealing with articles of intimate hygiene, it is essential to send the article in its packaging.


Where do I fill the complaint? 

Please fill the Return Policy form.